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Coding & Data Structures Flashcards

Master Essential Coding Concepts with Syntax and Examples.

The Coding Cards - Master the coding interview with flashcards | Product Hunt

Designed to accelerate your tech skills

The Python and Data Structure flashcards are great to reinforce fundamental concepts through different programming languages as a whole.

If you are already a developer and know the core principle then these flashcards are great for retention.

High Quality Cards
Covers Coding Interview Material

Best way to prepare for a coding interview

Contains actual code snippets and concept explanation asked in FAANG interviews. Inside this deck are some of the most popular Data Structures and Python syntax.

If you're preparing for a coding interview and need help in hammering down a concept, this is all you'll need to get the nuts and bolts and be productive. The topic ranges from

  • · Linked List
  • Quick Sort
  • Breadth First Search
  • B+ Trees
  • · Hashmaps
  • Recursion
  • Python keywords and functions

These are great arsenal at your disposal for a quick refresher before your coding interview.

Covers Coding Interview Material

Color Coded Snippet

Concise Chunks of information with color coded snippet that present a straight-forward explanation of the concept. Each card features an illustration and is filled with unique content to help you retain tricky concepts like recursion, heap sort, and more.

Whenever necessary, the comments are invoked inside the code to further clarify the concept.

Color Coded Snippet
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QR Code Embedded

A QR code is embedded on each card at the top. At any point in time, you need further clarification on a topic, simply scan the QR code with your smartphone.

The QR code takes you to a Youtube video or an article that gives a detailed explanation of the topic.

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Sample Card

Detailed Sample Card

Check out what our customers have to say

Picture of Naime

These cards were really helpful for last minute preparation to ace in my DS Class. Concise information about data structure to review a day before your test.


Picture of Sultan

Saves time and effort when preparing to learn the essential coding concepts needed for interviews. It gave me the edge needed to clarify complex algorithms.


Picture of Elvin

They are quick, high-quality concept summations. I often find myself getting lost when learning online. These cards really help me focus on one concept at a time.


Learn programming on the go